• 2023


      12.26 Changed the company name to (BLADE Entertainment Co., Ltd.)

      04.12 Acquisition of CE/EU certificate for the quasi-drugs mask (KF-94)
      ( Class FFP2 NR, Module C2 )
      04.06 Changed the company name to (Blueberry NFT Co., Ltd.)
    • 2020
      09 Registration of the quasi-drugs mask (KF-94 etc.) and manufacturing facility under USFDA standards
      08 Acquired manufacturing license for the quasi-drugs mask (KF-94 etc.)
      03.26 Changed the name to (Kyungnam BioPharma Co., Ltd.)
      03.26 Hong Sang-hyuk took office as CEO
    • 2019
      05 Taking over of KYUNGNAM PHARM CO.,LTD
    • 2018
      03.30 Appointed Ju-hoon as the CEO
      01.01 Trade name changed to "Biogenetics Co., Ltd."
      01.01 Appointed Ju-hoon as the CEO
    • 2011
      10.28 Signed a contract with Brazil's Ministry of Health to export 6.6 billion won worth of condoms
    • 2009


      03.16 Signed a condom export contract worth
      US$2,640,000 with USAID
    • 2007
      04.19 Condom Production Facility Export Agreement worth US$2,130,712 with Fay Hygienic Products FZE in Nigeria
    • 2006
      02 Korea's first home shopping sales broadcast
      06.01 Appointed Kim Seong-hoon as the President
    • 2005
      04.18 Concluded a 3-year supply contract for condom brand "Kan" by YUHAN Pharm Limited
    • 2004
      08.10 Development and launch of a new product called "Unidus Long Love," which helps delayed ejaculation (climax), for the first time in Korea
      12.14 Contract to supply condoms to U.S. government
    • 2003
      01.10 Establishment of Unders (Zhangjiagang) Yugo Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a local subsidiary in China
      02.10 Obtained certification under the Tanzanian regulation 'TBS' regulation
      05.21 Consolidation and selling of our Cheongju Plat
      11.10 Selected as a Korean agent for Norway’s “Nordic Naturals” (Omega-3)
      12.23 “UNIDUS LONG LOVE condom” acquired US ‘FDA’ certification
    • 2002
      07.15 New technology (NT) certified by the Ministry of Commerce
      11.28 Signed a Letter of Intention to Enter China with the Chinese Government
    • 2001
      01.19 Listed on the KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, Korea official Stock system)
      03.03 Presidential Commendation for Honest Taxpayer at Taxpayer's Day
      11 Export condom production facilities export to INAL company at Brazil
    • 2000
      03.03 Daejeon Regional Tax Service Commissioner Men's Taxpayer's Day Commendation for Honest Taxpayer
      04.12 Changed the trade name to "UNIDUS CORPORATION"
      05.12 12 Split the amount of 1 share from KRW 5,000 to KRW 500
      06.10 Corporate registration for KOSDAQ registration with the Financial Supervisory Service
      08.16 Securities Dealers Association passed the preliminary examination for registration with KOSDAQ
      09.01 “Selected as a company for structural improvement" by Korea SME’s and Startups Agency
      09.13 Acquisition of 'SABS' Standard (South African government standard)
    • 1999


      05.12 12 CEO Choi Sang-woon took office as vice president
      07.01 01 Asset revaluation conducted, revaluation of KRW 3,886,743 confirmed
      11 Provided advisory on the condom production process and exported equipment (LAPRODEX, Vietnam)
    • 1998
      12.23 Awarded the “Grand Prize for Small and Medium Enterprises” by the Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy
    • 1997
      05.04 Relocated the head office from 66-29 Songjeong-dong, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju to the current location
    • 1995
      05.04 ISO9002 certification obtained from the Dutch certification authority DNV
    • 1993
      05.13 Appointment of CEO Kim Duk-sung based on recommendation of 9 great people
      by Seoul Trust Bank (currently Seoul Bank) Bank President
      05.23 Export of condom plant to India PASHUPATI SEOHUNG
    • 1992
      07.31 Completed a contract for export of condom plant with KAYHANBOD, Iran
    • 1990
      01.20 Acquisition of "Pot" mark for medical rubber gloves
    • 1989
      03.16 Acquired permission to mark medical rubber gloves with KS, and the French government’s NF mark
      04.30 Completed export of condom plant to ASBIEN SDN in Malaysia
      08.16 Passed GMP Factory Inspection conducted by US FDA
      11.30 Received Trade Day Award of $10 million for export merit in the area of industrial packaging for exports
      12.23 Completed export of condom plant to MEDILATEX SDN Malaysia
    • 1988
      10.09 LIFE FORCE in Puerto Rico and Medical Rubber Gloves Plant Signed
      an export contract and finished exporting with self-made technology
      11.05 Obtained permission to mark condoms with KS
    • 1987
      09.19 Completion of our Jeungpyeong Plant, completion of gloves production facilities with self-manufacturing technology, and commencement of production
    • 1986
      09.23 Construction of the Jeungpyeong Plant in Yonggang-ri, Jeungpyeong-eup, Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
    • 1985
      07.15 Selected by Seoul Trust Bank as a "Medium Export Company"
    • 1984
      12.01 Received the Cheongju Chamber of Commerce Commendation for Persons of Distinguished Service
    • 1983
      09.09 Received the Energy Management Corporation's Commendation for Energy Conservation
    • 1981
      12.22 Received the Minister of Health and Social Affairs' commendation for export merit
    • 1980
      03.19 Received Commendation of Merit for Saemaul Movement at the Saemaul Movement Promotion Headquarters in Chungcheongbuk-do
      07.21 Concluded an Exclusive Supply Agreement for Medical Rubber Gloves with H.S.C. in Japan
      11.11 Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Korean Red Cross in North Chungcheong Province
      12.01 17th Export Day "Presidential Commendation
    • 1976
      03.03 03 Tax day National Tax Service Commissioner's commendation for faithful taxpayers
    • 1975
      11.30 Commendation for export merit company from Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Commendation
    • 1973
      05.23 Incorporated "Seohung Industrial Co., Ltd."
      07.30 Minister of Health and Social Affairs permission No. 47 for manufacturing medical equipment
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