MB 필터 소개

  • #01. MADE IN KOREA

    Use of the nation's highest grade raw materials
    Full automatic production at domestic direct management plants ( Jeungpyeong & Asan plants)

  • #02. Measurement of high-quality production equipment

    Top-of-the-line filter production through highly advanced facilities
    High production efficiency and rigorous safety testing
    Korea's best power outage technology

  • #03. Validated for stability & performance

    KOREA Food and Drug Administration Certification
    US Food and Drug Administration Certification

Top-of-the-line production facilities & fully automatic production systems

The introduction of advanced production facilities and fully automatic production systems, including TSI's new 8130A, German-made radiation exposure, has helped to improve product strength and elongation, maximize production efficiency, and ensure the highest quality.

The highest quality products

BLADE Entertainment's MB filter uses the best domestic raw materials to manage formaldehyde pH levels at a level that is harmless to the human body, and manufactures safe products with the highest quality in Korea by introducing DOP Oil Test, BFE 99% or more, and systems for control of fine dust, pollutants, and pests

BLADE Entertainment MB resin

- No peroxide is added, so the very narrow molecular weight distribution enables uniform filter production
- Excellent mechanical properties of stiffness and tensile strength as well as heat resistance
- Material safety and health specifications compliant with the regulations of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are not generated.
- U.S., South Korea Meet European Standards

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Manager Min Hyun-ki: / +82-10-5411-8758
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