A multi-bus sports fan platform providing online services and products based on Intellectual Property (IP) of the Professional Sports Federation

Digital Collectibles Publishing and distributing NFTs using video and photos of professional sports events and providing marketplaces accordingly

Connection to Real Sports Issuing fan tokens for professional sports clubs and linking them to actual clubs for more direct communication with fans who are the primary consumers for activities related to professional sports


Transparent Operation Track the probability of card packs and the information related to the distribution of cards that are actually issued.
Essentially addressing issues related to probability game items in current online games

Persistence The TCG Trading Card The game industry presents limitations such as potential damage and delay of physical cards, and when it comes to online games, it is subject to game operators' termination of services.
NFT cards issued based on the blockchain technology can be stored permanently and consumed through various windows beyond the limits of the platform

Borderless There are many cross-border online services, but global payments and payments are still difficult. Sportium based on the Ethereum blockchain is issued in the form of ERC-1155, and is available freely

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