Furthermore, we are No. 1 company in the field of medical surgical gloves in Korea. In addition, we strive to achieve the top spot in the mask field by introducing new production facilities. These efforts have helped us establish ourselves as a specialized medical supply company with expertise.

1) Condoms
Condoms are not just entertainment material, but medical supplies produced according to strict international standards. For example, it is the simplest and safest medical product that can prevent various incurable diseases such as AIDS and super gonorrhea and also prevent unwanted pregnancies. Since its establishment in 1973, BLADE Entertainment has established its presence not only in Korea but also around the world by using our high-end technology to manufacture condoms that used to be distributed only in the dark. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the history of condoms in Korea runs in parallel with the history of BLADE Entertainment. While improving the quality of the products, BLADE Entertainment continues to develop new products and is preferred by consumers both in Korea and around the world.

2) Surgical gloves
BLADE Entertainment also supplies precision and complete products developed in accordance with international standards to the domestic market and remains the No. 1 market share. The excellent quality and stability of our products have been praised by many medical professionals in Korea.

3) Quasi-drugs Mask
We are striving to supply the best masks to customers using domestic raw materials in the new production line, and we have acquired USFDA and CE certification.

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